Four Seasons…One Lubricant

A Midwestern cement mill grew tired of seasonal change-outs of their open gear compound used to lubricate kiln girth gear and drive pinions. Because of seasonal swings in ambient temperatures, the mill was required to use a lighter grade in the winter and a heavier grade in warmer spring/summer months. Each lubricant conversion created operational costs; lost production, labor for clean-outs and lubricant disposal. The mill turned to Blue Star and challenged our resources to develop a high viscosity open gear lubricant that could operate year-round; thus eliminating seasonal change-outs. Blue Star took on the challenge.

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Congratulations to Glen Foley, Blue Star’s Program Engineer at a large steel mill, for becoming a Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS).

Blue Star would like to congratulate NTN USA for 50 years of innovation.