High Performance Industrial Cleaners for Quality Spring Cleaning

It’s spring cleaning time!  The annual ritual is not just for homes anymore.  Many manufactures take the opportunity to tidy up their shop environment every spring.  Whether you are simply cleaning floors or performing a system cleanout, Blue Star has high performance cleaners to get the job done. 

Choosing the right product depends on the application, soil to be removed and metallurgy involved.  Blue Star offers cleaners from neutral pH to high alkaline solutions for a variety of applications.  Below is a profile of our most popular cleaners for your spring cleaning tasks.  

General Machine & Sump Cleaning

Star Clean 1230 - a concentrated cleaner/degreaser developed for use on wide variety of surfaces. Star Clean 1230 can be utilized at ambient temperatures while leaving no residues making it an excellent sump cleaner. The product’s rapid water sheeting capabilities results in no residual soils or residues while maintaining excellent corrosion protection. 


Floor Cleaning

Star Clean1153 - a heavy-duty, low foam, general purpose floor cleaner that effectively eliminates surfaces of oils, grease and industrial contaminants without leaving tacky residues. Star Clean 1153 is designed to be effective in floor scrubbing machines and as a manual cleaning product.  


Spray Wash

Star Clean 1281 - a heavy duty alkaline cleaner which effectively removes oil, grease and typical industrial contaminants from ferrous alloys. The product is formulated to provide short term rust protection and is engineered with low foam surfactants that make it versatile for spray wash applications as well as immersion.

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