Analytical Support

Proper fluid management is critical to the productivity of your manufacturing operation.  Lack of control will affect usage rates, disposal costs, tool life, work environment, labor and downtime.   Blue Star’s first line of analytical support is our field personnel that have the ability to perform basic onsite testing.  When more extensive testing is required, Blue Star offers comprehensive technical support for our product lines with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment.   

Routine Testing Program (in addition to onsite testing)

Blue Star offers laboratory services to monitor systems and ensure optimal performance.  This includes qualitative and quantitative analyses of individual and series samples.  Various test packages are available that meet the majority of analytical needs.  For special applications, Blue Star will customize a test package.  Typical routine tests include:

  • Metalworking fluid analysis
  • Used oil and grease analysis

Results are reported on-line within 72 hours (to allow for bacteria and fungus results).  

Trend reports are communicated automatically via email and/or FAX. 

Non-routine Testing

Non-routine testing is classified as special analysis requests that are outside of the “routine” monitoring realm of analytical support.  Special tests may be required for troubleshooting or determining the right chemistry for your application.  Examples of investigations requiring in-depth analytical break down include:

  • Contaminant confirmation, identification and qualification
  • Residue composition breakdown
  • Product property testing
  • Surface deposit analysis
  • Gear and bearing inspections
  • Falex Wear testing
  • Four Ball wear testing

Analytical Instrumentation

  • Gas Chromatography
  • High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
  • FTIR
  • ICP Spark Emission Spectroscopy
  • XRF 
  • IC
  • ISO Particle Counter
  • Metals Ferrography
  • Auto Viscometers 
  • Karl Fisher
  • FTIR Mass Spectroscopy
  • ICP
  • UV instrumentation



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