Blue Star Business Model

Blue Star Lubrication Technology manufactures and markets metalworking fluids and high performance oils and greases. Blue Star brings a unique approach to value creation for our customers.  We strive to couple highly technical field support with state-of-the-art technology.  This may sound simple; however, over the past several years, cost cutting initiatives have significantly reduced the number of qualified metalworking fluids and performance lubricants specialists available in the field to support the Markets. 

Blue Star was formed in 2006 to replace this lost value for our customer base.  We invest in experienced and highly trained technical support personnel.  As a general rule our competitors do not take this approach.  While the industry is mired in cost cutting tactics, Blue Star is investing in our customers’ success.

Today manufacturers are making tough decisions to remain competitive and cost cutting has been a primary strategy for most companies.  With regard to their metalworking fluid operations, customers are constantly looking for more cost effective solutions. 

We at Blue Star believe people have the greatest impact on the success of any company.  Excellent technology coupled with highly competent field support creates the highest productivity standard in this market.  Excellent technology without adequate field support falls well short of this productivity standard…Period!

Blue Star's core business is developing high performance technology and supporting that technology with an experienced service organization.  The company is built on three principles:

  • Attract the best technical and field support personnel in the industry
  • Develop and market world standard metalworking fluids and high performance lubricants
  • Outsource anything that is not core to our business.  This enables Blue Star to operate from a low cost base and sell our products at and service at a fair market price

Blue Star is a company with a different idea.  Through our people we build strong customer relationships and continually extend our technical and service capabilities to bring unparalleled value to the marketplace.  You should expect nothing less.


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