Blue Star Values, Vision and Mission Statement

Blue Star’s values, vision and mission are a constant compass that guides our decisions, behavior and business relationships.  These concepts explain who we are, what we’re about, where we are going, and the resource commitments we make to meet our customers’ expectations.

Core Values

Blue Star is founded on five core values:

  1. Relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction
    Striving for customer satisfaction is our foremost commitment.  Blue Star is customer-centric in everything we do.  Being a reliable partner and creating sustainable value for our customers is vital to our success as a company. 
  2. Follow through on commitments
    Blue Star’s integrity hinges on honoring the commitments we make to our customers and employees.  They are promises by which we measure ourselves.  We will do everything in our power to accomplish a task and hold ourselves accountable to achieve success. 
  3. Shoot high in expectations and performance.
    An entrepreneurial spirit will be pervasive in everything we do.  We will grow, as individuals and as a company, by reaching for goals that initially appear to exceed our grasp.  We will hold ourselves to standards of performance that demand our best efforts.
  4. Be a leader
    Blue Star will not be constrained by the historical behavior of any competitive company.  We will, however, leverage the collective experience of our people to build a better company.  Whatever we think are the limitations and constraints of today, we will choose what we want to be and act to change for the betterment of our customers.
  5. Honesty, open communications, and respect for people
    Fostering open and direct communication among all levels of the company is critical for maintaining respect and trust. Honesty and fair treatment should never be compromised.  


Blue Star will be the entrepreneurial leader in the high performance lubricants and metalworking fluid industry. We will be persistent in our pursuit of customer satisfaction.   Intelligent and successful ideas will translate into customer growth, employee growth and business growth.  We will be the chosen and preferred partner for our target customers and will earn this distinction through excellent technology coupled with highly competent field support to create the highest productivity standards.  The Blue Star brand will be synonymous with EXCELLENCE as conveyed in each and every customer experience.

Mission Statement

For our customers; become the compelling supplier of choice for high performance lubricants and metalworking fluids.

For our employees; provide exceptional opportunities and rewards for achievement.

For our industry; be the most imaginative and resourceful company in the business


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