Distributor Partnerships

Distributor Partnerships...Built to Win

Blue Star continually strives to raise the bar on what distributor partnerships should be.  Together we aggressively seek new ways to create growth opportunities and competitive advantage at the local level.   With each distributor, Blue Star forms a unique connection by delivering the product technology and services they value most.  In all cases, our partnerships start with a focus on three specific fundamentals; trust, relationships and a shared vision.


The one essential element that an enduring partnership must have is trust.  Blue Star believes that trust is not a matter of blind faith.  We and our selected distributors mutually earn it day by day, opportunity by opportunity.  Trust must be all encompassing.  It involves our combined people, company cultures, business practices, priorities and organizational structures.  Engagement, innovation and exceptional growth do not happen without trust.  Trust (between individuals and our organizations) is at the core of our distributor partnerships.


Interpersonal relationships with customers are critical in the industrial fluid business.  The same goes for our distributor relationships.  Good results happen when talented people work together to make a difference.  Blue Star’s distributor partnerships thrive from both individual contributions and teamwork that lead to breakthrough ideas and a contagious winning attitude.  

Shared Vision

Blue Star fosters open communication with our distributors.  We appreciate the chance to be part of their growth strategies and for them to be a part of ours.  It’s all about developing partnerships that are built to win.


Blue Star is a different company with a different approach. At Blue Star, we:

  • Selectively partner with distributors who are committed to growth
  • Maintain geographic integrity among our distributors with minimal overlap
  • Believe in realtionships at all levels with our distributors and mutal customers
  • Provide sales support with seasoned people in the field
  • Continually develop new product technology
  • Deliver on product orders with industry leading lead-times
  • Commit to training our distributors' personnel
  • Encourage our distributors to engage our technical support resources
  • Support joint promotional campaigns
  • Thrive on growing together
  • Make it fun

Good partnerships are comfortable. Great partnerships drive unprecedented growth. Are you merely comfortable with your partners?

"Blue Star has good products but so does the competition. What makes Blue Star different is their support, their knowledgeable people and their responsiveness. Blue Star actively helps us take care of our customers."
– Current Blue Star Distributor

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