Research & Development

At Blue Star, we don’t just innovate to compete; we innovate to change the rules of the game.  R&D is one of our critical core competencies….how we drive innovation is what’s unique.  Blue Star’s R&D team is devoted to developing technology solutions that are relevant, sustainable and deliver new performance standards.   Our technology development is like everything else at Blue Star — it’s focused on you, the customer.

Blending art with science

Who says scientists aren’t the creative types? Blue Star’s R&D team blends art and science every day exploring new ideas.  They investigate new chemistries, staying both on trend and ahead of the curve. They evaluate raw materials and uncover performance synergies through advanced laboratory testing.  Armed with objective data our scientists then artfully apply their chemistry experience to build final formulations that deliver exciting new technology for our customers’ applications. 

Creative destruction

Blue Star focuses on creating technologies that provide a platform for future growth.  Customer requirements today must be met while keeping a keen eye toward the requirements of tomorrow.  This is where Blue Star practices “creative destruction.”  We breakdown our products to the component level and challenge them versus the performance of formulas with alternative component combinations.  All performance attributes are scrutinized and measured.  Through the creative destruction process, new discoveries allow Blue Star to astutely refine our product line and keep our customers on the leading edge of fluid technology. 

Technical collaboration

There are many great ideas throughout our industry.  To ensure we are working on the key market demands of tomorrow, Blue Star’s R&D team is networked at many levels.   Firstly, close cooperation with customers is critical to be certain that their future processes and demands are always at the center of our R&D activities.  Our customers take comfort in the fact that they have access to our formulators.  In addition, we are networked with supply chain partners, industry organizations and raw material suppliers.  Blue Star creates collaborative relationships that allow our experts to work together across fluid, open boundaries.  We’ve discovered that often its many small insights coming together that bring big ideas to our industry.  

Our formulas.  Your success.

With one part leading-edge technology, two parts collaboration and a heap of application know-how, Blue Star’s R&D team creates the technology you need.  Our successful R&D efforts are based on intelligent effort.  It’s about the capable scientists we have, the professional connections we nurture, how our resources are led and how much they “get it” from our customers’ perspective. 




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