The automotive market consists of a large number of vehicle manufacturers and an enormous component and sub-assembly supplier infrastructure. All players in this industry must be able to manufacture to high standards and tight tolerances across all operations. Blue Star is well-equipped to provide competitive advantage to high capacity, high volume automotive plants.  Through our application know-how and portfolio of advanced metalworking fluids and high performance lubricants, we create unique solutions designed to increase productivity, reduce overall costs and improve health, safety and environmental performance.     

Metal Removal

Today’s automotive manufacturers and suppliers require metal removal fluids that are functional in many applications. Our Blue Cool® line of advanced coolants offers a versatile range of soluble, semi-synthetic and synthetic fluids.  Our technical experts will evaluate your operation and recommend the chemistry with the right balance of lubrication and cooling properties.  From grinding to broaching, from ferrous metals to aluminum alloys, from stand-alone sumps to large central systems; Blue Star’s comprehensive Blue Cool® line has the technology to improve your operation.

For applications requiring neat fluids, our Star Cut® series of straight cutting and grinding oils deliver excellent performance in operations such as broaching, center-less grinding, gear cutting and grinding, gun drilling, screw machines and honing. 

Metal Cleaning

Blue Star manages metal cleaning by understanding the fluid chemistry and the automotive manufacturing process.  Consistently meeting cleanliness requirements has a direct effect on the quality of final products.  By leveraging the process and applications expertise of our field personnel and support specialists we focus on product compatibility throughout the metalworking process.  Our Star Clean line delivers residue-free surfaces which meet the cleaning demands of today’s automotive manufacturing environment and are often effective at ambient temperatures which support plant energy reduction mandates.  

Metal Forming

The Blue Form® series of metal forming fluids includes a wide variety of product technology for automotive applications.  Our products deliver excellent lubrication and corrosion protection that improve your surface finish and extend the life of expensive equipment used in metal forming operations.   We offer products that are sulfur and chlorine free and others that are custom formulated with the right balance of boundary lubrication and extreme pressure additives.

Metal Protection

Corrosion is a concern with any metalworking process. Our Star Guard® line of rust preventives includes a comprehensive range of products designed to inhibit corrosion throughout the manufacturing process, leading to decreased scrap rates and increased productivity.

High Performance Lubricants

Our Blue Star®line of high performance oils and grease is setting new performance standards in many industries.  While our product technology is exceptional, we know the success of any lubrication program relies on much more than the technology built into a product.  The greatest impact on any program is people, enabled by effective solutions that deliver results. This is where Blue Star differentiates itself from the competition.

For customers who want a formal lubrication program, Blue Star takes a holistic approach. Lubricants are considered not as consumables to be purchased at the lowest price, but as an asset to be managed toward maximizing performance and reliability of plant equipment.  A lubrication study is the basis to build a proactive and preventative lubrication program.  It involves a comprehensive review of how lubricants are handled and applied from the day the lubricants arrive onsite to the day the oil is drained from a component and disposed of appropriately. The lubrication study provides the information required to satisfy the “Five R’s of Lubrication.”

  1. Right Lubricant
  2. Right location, machine, or application
  3. Right interval for lubrication
  4. Right amount of lubricant
  5. Right Attitude (Training, Expertise, Professionalism)

A well-executed lubrication study will culminate in an individualized roadmap for the months and years ahead. Thorough documentation will serve as a starting baseline from which current strengths and improvement opportunities can be assessed; providing a clear direction for short, medium and long-term goals.


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