Excavation Mining Lubricants

Surface mining operators manage highly valuable assets in excavation equipment. Draglines, hydraulic and electric shovels, tractors and dozers utilize an array of mechanical applications to remove overburden, organic and other mineral resources. Blue Star Lubrication Technology has high performance mining lubricants to meet the needs of all these applications and establish new performance standards.

Application Blue Star® Lubricant Design Comments
Bearings Greases are engineered to provide lubricating films that support slow and fast moving shock loads, low temperature pumping and minimize contaminant damage
Enclosed Gearing Helical and planetary gear lubricants formulated with conventional and synthetic oil, extreme pressure and friction reducing additives to prolong the life of hoist, drag and propel drives
Open Gearing Open gear mining lubricants that build tough durable films to protect swing racks, hoist and drag, sticks, rails and rollers, dippers handles and propel mechanisms


Lubrication challenges related to mobile equipment include rolling element bearings, idlers, body hinge pins, hoist cylinder pivots drive shafts and slip splines.  Blue Star can work closely with you to assess your applications and customize a lubrication program for your particular requirements.   

Preparation Plant - Crushing

Crushing methods and sizing processes of surface mining operations require technologically advanced equipment and lubrication.  Critical lubrication points on the crushing machinery include eccentric, thrust and main shaft bearings, bushings and gears.  These applications demand high performance lubricants designed to provide more than the minimum lube film thickness for optimum tribological performance. Blue Star utilizes base oils, performance enhancing additives and solid film lubricant technology to improve asset reliability. 

  • Gyratory (cone) and jaw crushers
  • Hammer and table/bowl mills
  • Coal, sand, rock and ore belt conveyance
  • Dust collector conveyance
  • Pumps

Preparation Plant - Grinding

The AG/SAG milling and finish milling operations of run-of-mine ore or primary crusher product are very important to the mine output. These grinding operations are necessary to supply finished sized product for processing. Blue Star lubricants are engineered to provide superior protection against friction and wear.  With our combination of high performance technology and onsite service Blue Star is prepared to become a vital part of your efforts to reduce maintenance costs, increase uptime and extend equipment life.  

Application Blue Star® Lubricant Design Comments
Bearings Greases are engineered to provide lubricating films that support loading, minimize contaminant damage by sealing out or flushing and purging bearings
Mill Drives EP enclosed gear case lubricants formulated for long life and durability to protect motor bearings, speed reducers and planetary gear systems 
Girth and Pinion Gears Thermally stable open gear lubricants are designed to stay in place without seasonal changes in gear roots or gear guards
Drive Shaft Couplings Greases are formulated with high base oil viscosity, extreme pressure additives and lubricating solids

Preparation Plant - Conveying

Preparation plant activities involve physical movement of extracted materials from the mine site. The mechanical operations include weigh belts, drag chain and screw or belt conveyors, bucket chain elevators, traction and roll shaft bearings.  All require grease and gear mining lubricants. Blue Star Lubrication Technology has both high performance and conventional mining lubricants to meet the needs of all these applications.


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