Seamless Pipe Mills

Manufacturing solid tube or pipe involves many operations with critical lubrication requirements. Blue Star has formulated high performance lubricants such as industrial gear oil, cutting oil, and industrial rust preventives that can match the needed film strength, withstand high temperatures and/or have the staying power required for specific applications. Below is a profile of Blue Star products suited for typical solid tube or pipe manufacturing applications. 

Tube piercing

This operation employs large gear box drives under high load and severe impact. Blue Star® high performance gear oils are ideal in these severe applications. They are engineered to carry the load and create the hydrodynamic film strength needed for these gears.

Pipe Stretching

In stretching the pipe to length, chain-driven thrust blocks move the pipe into elongator drive rolls. Blue Star’s CLE series of high performance chain oils are engineered for this application.  The product is built to withstand high temperatures and maintain water resistance.  

The elongator rolls are driven by large gear boxes and couplings. The high temperatures, water wash and high speeds demand a high performance grease such as Blue Star® XP 9900, which is formulated with moly and graphite.    

High speed brass couplings require grease with staying power.  Many types of grease are prone to slinging out of the couplings and destroying the brass plates or shoes. Blue Star® OGP 8900/1000 is a high viscosity product perfectly suited for handling the demands of this application.


Finishing applications are also very important in making pipe or tube. Most tube or pipe goes through cold rolled finishing in order to meet proper ID and OD specifications. Straightening is one way the bar, tube or pipe is finished. Straightener rolls and a drive gear box move the cold pipe through the straightener at high pressure. The rolls need to be cooled with mill coolant such as Blue Cool® S2550


Another finishing application includes peelers, which take off a thin layer off the OD to give the pipe a shiny finish.  This application is also well served by Blue Cool® S2550 as a mill coolant.


High speed cut-off saws and band saws are often used in the finishing area to cut the pipe to length. High speed cut off saws require a fine oil to coat the carbide blades. Blue Star’s Star Cut® 4890 is a proven performer in this application. 

Band saws also require the right lubrication. Saw blades are very expensive and without the proper coolant wear very quickly.  Blue Cool® S2420 is an excellent coolant for this application and will extend blade life.

Cold Draw

This process uses a large draw bench with thrust chains. The pipe is drawn through a die to meet OD specifications. Lime is typically used as a lubricant for the die. The pipe may be coated with a draw lube.  Blue Star® high performance lubricants are ideal for protecting the chains and large gear boxes that drive the chains.

Rust Preventives

Rust preventatives are used in the final process of making pipe, tube or bar. Blue Star’s Star Guard® series is a comprehensive line of rust preventives with products to meet your protection specifications. Contact Blue Star to discuss requirements and determine which product is right for your operation.


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