Steel Lubricants

The steel industry presents very demanding lubrication requirements. The experience and expertise of Blue Star's field support in this area is second to none. Our line of high performance steel lubricants including greases and lubricanting oils is specifically engineered to address the friction, corrosion, deterioration, extreme temperatures and contamination issues that exist in these severe steel environments. Our product lines offer excellent steel lubricant solutions for many environmental requirements.

Blue Star designs high performance steel lubricants and oils to customer based specifications and industry specifications. Our R&D approach incorporates materials that perform best for a given application and the environmental conditions of the machine. Temperature, speed, load and friction are all considered before our steel lubricants are developed.  Our Blue Star® line of steel lubricants and greases are setting new performance standards in the steel industry.  

Continuous Casting

Continuous casting of steel alloys places thermal and mechanical demands on the bearings used for foot, containment and drive rolls. Heavy loads can be experienced when cast metal bulges between rolls; this can occur with slabs, blooms or billets.  Other challenging conditions are created from inconsistent secondary cooling water flow rates, unbending of the steel and even roll misalignment.  The severe operating environment of a continuous caster requires a highly engineered grease to deliver critical protection to the bearings.  Steel producers today are reducing maintenance downtime and cost by utilizing Blue Star® advanced products that:

  • Resist hardening in steel lubricant supply lines exposed to elevated temperatures
  • Operate in conditions of reduced cooling water flow rates
  • Provide bearing protection against loads resulting from bulging and unbending
  • Pump extremely well in low temperature storage conditions
  • Resist washout from high cooling water flow rates

Our high performance line of Blue Star® lubricants also includes products for tundish and caster drives as well as Factory Mutual approved fire resistant hydraulic fluid.

Melt Shop

Enormous stresses are placed on the bearings of revolving ladle turrets. These stresses can be alleviated with Blue Star® lubricants.  Our technology incorporates extreme pressure components and oil film thicknesses designed to support the loads associated with the roller slewing, pivot and cover device bearings.


Furnace bearings are always subject to lengthy elevated temperatures as well as occasional shock loads. Without proper lubricant technology, extended high temperature exposure can cause an inferior lubricant to harden in supply lines and starve the bearing of grease.  As grease accumulates beneath a furnace bearing, it could ignite due to temperature alone or by a falling piece of red hot scale.  Blue Star has product technology that:

  • Resists hardening or “baking out”
  • Self-extinguishes upon ignition through the incorporation of synthetic oil and thickener technology

Rolling Mills

Rolling operations for flat, long or shaped product have multiple lubrication needs that impact finished product quality. This is the case for conventional metallurgy to advanced high strength steels.  Eliminating excessive wear on bearings, roll necks, mill & wear liners and drive spindles (geared or u-joint type) is accomplished with Blue Star® products designed with proper lubricant viscosity and water resistance. 


Blue Star® Lubricant Design Comments


Lubricants are engineered to resist emulsification, water spray off and wash out

Mill and Wear Liners

Specially formulated water resistant products prevent sticking

Cooling Beds

Thermally stable greases are designed to stay in place

Universal Joint & Gear Coupled Drive Shafts

Lubricants are formulated with high base oil viscosity, extreme pressure additives and lubricating solids

Blue Star also provides high performance lubricants for gear cases, mineral oil based hydraulic fluids and synthetic ester based Factory Mutual/Global approved fire resistant hydraulic fluid.

Galvanizing & Pickling Lines

Processes that involve cleaning and coating of steel products utilize corrosive chemicals that degrade most conventional grease products. In these applications, corrosive wear is the primary cause of dramatically reduced bearing life.  Lubrication with Blue Star®grease products that do not breakdown readily upon exposure to these corrosive chemicals significantly increase bearing life and decrease associated replacement costs.

Coke Batteries

Lubrication of stop cock valves and dampers in coke battery operations often expose grease to heated exhaust gas that breaks down the grease causing it to harden. Once the grease hardens the stop cocks and dampers fail to open and close properly. Blue Star® thermally stable and chemically resistant grease prevents unwanted hardening.  This allows for continuous functionality of valves and dampers. 


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