Tube Mills

Blue Star offers the Blue Form® line of metal forming fluids, Blue Star® lubricants and Star Guard® industrial rust preventives for the tube mill industry.  Whether you are forming structural or mechanical tubes; coated or uncoated; our high performance products optimize productivity through extended tool life and corrosion protection.  In most cases, synthetic formulas from our Blue Form® line are employed at tube mills.  Blue Star’s field experts work closely with mill engineers on selection of product technology as well as program development for proper maintenance of circulating systems.

When comparing the structural and mechanical operations, there are general differences in the product metallurgy and types of tubes manufactured.  There are additional differences in operational challenges that must be accounted for to determine the appropriate forming fluid technology.

Structural Tube

Structural tube mills primarily run hot-rolled black steel for use in the construction industry and oil fields. The operation is generally dirtier than mechanical tube forming.  As a result, the forming fluid in structural tube mills are subjected to higher oil and dirt loads. Blue Form® products are formulated with excellent oil rejecting qualities, fine settling properties and bio-resistance to extend sump life. 

Another challenge is elevated hardness levels. Because mill fluid systems generally require a large amount of make-up water, the water hardness and other contaminants build up in the system over time.  Blue Form® products are engineered to be hard water stable and maximize system life. 

Many structural mills do not use rust preventive. In those cases our Blue Form® product chemistry is designed to provide a specified length of indoor corrosion protection. 

Mechanical Tube

Mechanical tube mills run cold roll steel, cold roll pickled and oiled, satin, aluminized and hot rolled steel to produce furniture grade and decorative tubing. Compared to a structural mill, the environment in a mechanical mill operation is much cleaner. The actual tube product also requires a cleaner finish.  Our Blue Form® chemistry exhibits excellent detergency that inhibits the build-up of mill oil and scale. Our synthetic technology readily rejects oil for easy removal with skimmers and filtration equipment.  The products are specially formulated to deliver the right combination of cooling and lubricity for good roll life.

Rust protection is critical to this operation. Most mechanical mills coat the tubing with a industrial rust preventative after being formed.  Our Star Guard® line of industrial rust preventives gives you many options to meet your specifications.

Coated Tubes

Coated metals such as aluminized and galvanized tubes require extra care to avoid staining and corrosion. Blue Star can provide the expertise you need to select the right forming fluid for your operation. Just as important as product selection is concentration control. Blue Star will help establish a fluid maintenance program to keep concentration steady. The result will be consistent cooling and lubrication levels that optimize system performance. 

What makes our Blue Form® product technology different for tube mills?

Excellent Detergency Inhibits the build-up of mill oil scale which allows for easy removal by oil skimmers and filtration equipment.
Hard Water Stability Stable in a wide range of water conditions and increases system longevity.
Outstanding Corrosion Protection In-process rust protection extends equipment life, improves quality and reduces operating costs.
Excellent Bio-Resistance Provides extended sump life and reduced waste volumes.
Wetting Characteristics Reduced carry-out minimizes fluid consumption. Allows for superior heat transfer characteristics which enhances material quality and diminishes roll wear.


What makes Blue Star's service different for tube mills?

  • Performance documentation
  • Support to establish system maintenance programs
  • Industry expertise
  • Ability to customize product technology
  • Ability to manage special turnkey projects and equipment installations with alliance partners



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