High Performance Lubricants

Blue Star Lubrication Technology® designs high performance lubricants including industrial grease and industrial lubricants to customer-based specifications and industry specifications. This unique approach allows us to develop products that incorporate materials that work best for our customers’ particular application(s) and take into account specific environmental conditions. Products conceived and developed in this manner will outperform industry standards: lower operating temperatures, higher speeds, increased loads and improved friction modification. All of these performance enhancements add significant value to our customers’ operations.

Blue Star’s grease and oil product lines are targeted at high performance lubricants for applications where the environment poses many challenges to standard grade products.  Our high performance greases and industrial oils operate under many different conditions: extreme temperatures, heavy water spray/wash-off, high load applications and dirty/gritty environments. Our technology is designed to stay in place and perform better than any alternative on the market. Below is a list of attributes and applications where Blue Star® industrial grease and lubricating oils are currently being used to maximize performance:


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Congratulations to Glen Foley, Blue Star’s Program Engineer at a large steel mill, for becoming a Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS).

Blue Star would like to congratulate NTN USA for 50 years of innovation.