Industrial Rust Preventives

In metal machining facilities, rust is the enemy.  Moisture, oxygen, dirt, film from cutting and grinding fluids, and other materials can cause serious damage.  Our Star Guard® industrial rust preventive series is a complete line of synthetic, emulsion, straight oil and solvent based technology; specifically formulated for wide scope of metal surfaces from oxidation and staining.  Star Guard® industrial corrosion protection products provide surface protection of metal parts during production and in storage; both indoor and outdoor. They also protect your tools and equipment. 

Consult with Blue Star today to discuss your metal rust and corrosion protection requirements; length of storage, processing restrictions, preferred film type, and environmental conditions.


Star Guard® Group Comment
Synthetics Designed for short-term rust protection of 30-60 days or up to 1 year at higher concentration levels. Ideal for in process rinse stages of multi-stage washing systems.
Emulsions Engineered for spray or immersion applied rust prevention. Excellent in-process or pre-packaging protection for 6-12 months.
Straight Oils Effective protection of a variety of metals. Non-staining, water displacing can be applied by dip, spray, or brush-on methods. Designed to provide long term protection for 1-2 years.
Solvent Based Barium-free technology rapidly displaces and separates water for outstanding protection. Spreads a very dry-to-touch, thin film which provides up to 6-12 months of indoor humidity rust protection.


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