Lubrication Programs

The success of any lubrication program relies on much more than the technology built into a lubrication product.  The greatest impact on any program is people, enabled by effective solutions that deliver results.  This is where Blue Star differentiates itself from the competition.  Our approach is to provide superior technology with high caliber field support to create a new productivity standard for our customers’ operations.  

Blue Star’s lubrication experts have significant experience in the lubrication industry.  They understand lube applications, plant environments, manufacturing challenges and high standards for performance.  We are prepared to put in the maximum amount of effort to earn your trust and your business. 

No two plants are the same with regard to lubrication requirements.  We approach each opportunity with the intent of creating a customized lubrication program that fits the specific needs and culture of each customer.  However, the fundamental objectives remain relatively straight-forward.  

Fundamental Program Objectives

  • Maximize Lubrication Performance
    • Apply the right product for each application the first time.
    • Determine proper re-lubrication intervals
      (Based on the engineering study & equipment criticality)
    • Assist Customers in the development of a comprehensive lubrication and reliability program.
  • Create a program that fits within the culture of each cutomer
    • Build customer relationships based on continuous improvement through lubrication management
    • Provide support services that complement the customer’s resources
    • Provide lubrication training to help promote proactive management and a sense of accountability
    • Measure and document program results & benefits 

Below is a summary of the design elements of a formal Lubrication Program facilitated by Blue Star.  Our efforts culminate in a formal lubrication program specific to each customer’s requirements.

General Support
  • Engineering Study 
  • OEM Support
  • Outage Support
  • Conversion Support
  • Customer Engagement
  • Training
  • Customized reports
Monitor & Control
  • Inventory Control
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Consumption Reduction Program
  • Fluid Analysis
Equipment Inspections
  • Routine Inspections
  • Equipment Status Reports
  • Bearing & Gear Inspections
Continuous Improvement
  • Improvement Methodology
  • Automation


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