In addition to consulting services, Blue Star offers various training modules for our customers and distributors.  The sessions can be scheduled onsite at your facility or at our headquarters.  Examples of the materials covered are listed below.

Metalworking Fluids

  • Selection and Application
  • Types of Metalworking Fluids
  • System Control
  • Basic Trouble Shooting


  • Fundamentals of Lubrication
  • Types of Lubricants and applications
  • Wear
  • Friction
  • Lubricant characteristics and tests
  • Five R’s of lubrication
  • Components of lubricants
  • Troubleshooting at the Machine Component Level
  • Preventive/Predictive Maintenance Techniques and
  • Application "do's" & "don'ts". 

Our overall training objective is to establish a solid foundation of knowledge that results in a measurable difference in the success of our customers’ metalworking and lubrication programs.  Call Blue Star today to discuss your training needs.  


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