Blue Star lubrication is best in class. They come to an account with a perspective unlike their competition. Blue Star is a solution provider versus an order taking fluid company that most have become. They have integrated themselves into our organization and are regarded as an additional staff resource for all of my departments.

Assistant General Manager, Automotive Component Manufacturer

We’ve carried other suppliers that had good products. But Blue Star combines high quality products with experience, knowledge and service. Their people make the difference.

Sales Manager, Industrial Distributor

We like working with Blue Star because of their knowledge and capability of customizing products; not off-the-shelf products like others. They have the ability to customize to customers’ needs and solve their unique problems.

Owner, Midwest Industrial Distributor

For our operations, Blue Star has been outstanding! We used to change out coolant every two weeks in all of our machines and our operators had issues with skin irritations. With the Blue Star semi-synthetic product, we cut our maintenance time over 700 man-hours related to coolant issues. Our first CNC machine that trialed the Blue Star coolant ran one year before requiring a change out! Furthermore, our operators no longer are experiencing skin irritations. Blue Star’s service and support have been superior.

Maintenance Manager, Equipment OEM

Blue Star sets themselves apart from their competition through responsiveness, expertise and knowledge—bottom line is their people.

Production Manager, Steel Mill

The quality of people Blue Star hires is what has made a lasting impression on me.

Engineering Manager, Bearing Manufacturer

What stands out about Blue Star is their level of support. They’ve helped me with issues on weekends when many companies would have said, “See you Monday”.

Maintenance Manager, Pipe Mill

As the PM Planner I get suppliers proposing greases for our equipment fleet. When I ask them if they can provide us with service, they say, “Yes.” Then I ask if their service includes weekly inspections, repair and miscellaneous maintenance of auto-lube systems, the ability to design and install auto-lube systems, and weekly equipment inspections. They reply, “No.” Blue Star performs all the above mentioned services, and provides products that are proven to work in harsh environments. Their combination of product and service has saved us considerable downtime and component replacement costs.

Preventative Maintenance Planner, Mining Site

Blue Star is different because they go above and beyond to make sure they apply the right product for every application. They don’t just throw engineering data at you. Their people take the time to explain their recommendations and show you the results…….priceless. Their hands-on approach is great.

Maintenance Manager, Pipe Mill


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